11 Things I Might be Doing Instead of Blogging…

I just never got round to it today. I told myself that for 11 days I would blog every day. How hard could it be? Turns out, very. As you might have already concluded based on my usual output of 3-4 posts per week.  .

So, on those days when I do not write, what am I doing? Here are some possibilities. (Not all from today)

1. I might be running. Especially if the day is sunny and cool, and the trees are all aflame with color, and the air has that musky scent of fall, and my legs feel strong, and I finally have to make myself stop because I do, after all, have responsibilities. Hypothetically.

2. I might be at church. I’ll be there in the morning, so tomorrow’s post will be late. But, the fact is, some of my best writing has been born of time spent with the people of God in this most sacred and other-wordly place. And being there is so very good for my soul. So if you are missing me, I just might be there.

3. I might be making sandwiches, and helping with homework, and attending talent shows, and listening to stories of heartaches and triumphs, with my children. No apologies. I know where my priorities lie. They will always, always come first.

4. I might be cleaning my house. But that’s unlikely.

5. I might be in the garden. If so, that’s a good day. The worst day in the garden beats a really good day most other places. It is clean and true. It is life. And death. And seasons. And resting and growing and plenty.

6. There is a fairly good chance I am playing with my granddaughter. Four or five days a week I have the pleasure of spending the whole day with her. Watching the miracle of new. Of discovery and yearning. Study and mastery. Frustration and joy. When given the choice of snuggling up with the wee one or snuggling with my computer, little bit will win every time.

7. I might be doing laundry. But I hope not.

8. I might be cooking for my family or for friends. If I am, I might be having all kinds of fun. Making something beautiful, delicious, and nourishing. Trying a new recipe. Cooking with one or more of my kids. Or friends. Music playing. Candle burning. Glass of wine nearby. OR….. I might be scrounging through the pantry or the fridge trying to figure out how one comes up with a palatable meal with only black beans, chia seeds, and mustard. Those chefs on Chopped have nothing on me. 🙂

9. I might be reading. In fact, I’m probably reading. Unless I am doing one of the other things I already said. Then again…there might be a book on my ipod; Jeremy Irons whisking me away to Spain in the midst of my laundry. And next time I pull a pair of socks out of the drawer I will remember Santiago becoming the wind.

10. I might be sleeping. Which is what I should be doing now. Many blog posts have been written while I should have been sleeping. At least WordPress has the good grace not to tattle on me like Typepad used to. You don’t know if I have posted at 3:47 in the morning. Sleeping is not my strong suit. I’ve never been very good at it. But there’s still just the off chance that I might be sleeping instead of blogging.

11. I might be wasting time. Probably on the internet. Checking email, then facebook, blog stats for the blog I am not writing, looking up recipes, translating random phrases into French. Or I might be writing a blog post about why I am not writing a blog post. Or writing a post about why I’m writing a post about not writing a post. Or diagramming that last sentence.:)

What is it that keeps you from doing what you want to do?