Honey’s Vintage Sweets

Soft, sea foam walls give the eye a place to rest against a cacophony of color worthy of Wonka. A wall of glass jars filled with assorted delights beckons from across the room. But I can’t get to them. I can’t stop meandering past every table.

Nostalgic candies from my childhood. I tell Marianne about riding my bike through the woods and out to a little store on the highway to buy candy necklaces. My cousin and I would put them on our sweaty necks and wear (and eat) them all the way home. Mike delights in 6 different flavors of Zotz and an infinite variety of pop rocks. There are candy cigarettes, teaberry gum, wax lips, sugar daddies…..

Novelties. All things mustache, plates with faces that kids can decorate with food, cap guns, sling shots, bubble gum yard sticks, dispense your own Jelly Bellies or sour powder, a whole side board of assorted Pez dispensers…

I know where I will be shopping for stocking-stuffers this year….

Sample 12  flavors of rich, decadent home-made ice cream from a Kentucky dairy that has been in operation for over a century. The strawberry is ridiculous. My friends, Allie and Jordan, recommend the milkshakes.

My favorite thing in the whole store…the thing I can’t stop thinking about…the thing you MUST try…is the strawberry lemonade. Fresh-pressed lemon juice, muddled strawberries, simple syrup, and a generous splash of joy. It is vibrant, refreshing and crazy delicious.

Honeys Vintage Sweets officially opens today. You can find them at 123 South Margin Street in Franklin. For more information, or to keep up with special offers and promotions, check out their facebook page. You’re welcome. 🙂