I was a spring baby. My first draughts of air were redolent with the fragrance of new blossoms. Returning songbirds sang my lullabies. Like the tender shoots of my mother’s irises, and like my father’s wobbly kneed calves, I had spent the winter hidden. Gathering strength. Waiting…to be born.

I sometimes wonder if this is why I find the idea of rebirth so enchanting. Like God somehow hard-wired spring into my DNA so that I would always be looking for the hidden something… just waiting…

Certainly, He has worked this miracle of regeneration often enough in me. I rage with all the fury and heat of summer, throwing my fragrance, my bold colors, as far as I can. Then, in one last autumnal exuberance of flame, I give all I have.

And I am spent.

Dry. Withered. One who knows me will observe it visibly in my countenance…as wasted leaves fall…one…by…one…

Then the gentle Gardener comes to me. He trims away the unwieldy branches I have thrown too far for my own good. He tucks a winter mulch around my tired feet and invites me to rest. And I sleep. The weary sleep of one who has tried too hard. Who wanted to prove my worth…to the Gardener…to everyone….

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.  ~Aeschylus

With the first warm breezes, the Gardener clears away the mulch. He trims winter damage, feeds me, and invites me to grow. A new season. A new start. A new chance to begin again…

Today is a new start of another sort. My little blog is beginning again, so to speak. To all of you who have traveled with me over the past four years, thank you. To new friends, welcome. I hope you will visit often.

The writing will be much the same. Only the setting is different. I am enjoying the new format, but still have much to learn. This is a work that will continue to evolve. Pruning here, feeding there. Please, be patient with me. And feel free to offer suggestions. I welcome your input.



P.S. For those of you who may care, the typepad site will remain active for a bit while I finish harvesting content. I have transferred the most popular posts here, though I was unfortunately unable to transfer the comments.

P.S.S. Props to my hubby for helping with the title line at top of the page.