11 Wonders Unseen by the Rest of the World

We all have them. Those little everyday miracles that sneak up on you. Today is a tribute to those.

A sleeping baby  This afternoon she fell asleep in my arms. I watched the rise and fall of her breath. Her face pure and peaceful. Her body curled against mine. It was so beautiful it made my heart hurt. And I knew she would sleep better in her bed. But it was everything I could do to let go of her. (By the way, the photo is of Kenzie sleeping in Kelsey’s arms. Also beautiful. :))

Tender shoots pushing up through the earth in spring

Ditches full of golden leaves

First steps, first words, discoveries

A kind word

Love notes

Pictures drawn by children

Hugs. Kisses. Freely given.

Family meals when everyone is there, and the conversation is rich and deep and good

When my kids help each other clean up toys. If you are a stay at home mom with small children, I heard that “amen”. Little unsolicited kindnesses to a sibling bring a great deal of joy to a mom’s heart, even if no one else sees.

This topic was suggested by my friend, Cassie, as was item number ten. Item number eleven is for Cassie, and for others like her, who every day give themselves away. They receive no glory for it. Most of their efforts are unseen. And they may not see the results of their investment for years. But they don’t do it for any of that. They do it for the glory of the One who made them. This song is for them…