Daughter of My Daughter….

I love watching her as she gazes at her baby. We converse for a while, then it happens. I watch her eyes travel to the warm bundle of soft in her arms, and she is lost. No one else exists. She studies every curve, the rise and fall of breath. And I wonder what is in her heart. But I do not ask. It is a sacred moment. I will not intrude.

On Friday, a miracle happened in the world. The sort of astonishing everyday impossible miracle that is all ordinary. And all extraordinary. A fracture. A brief opening between this world and the world beyond.

It was not so very long ago that my daughter was the warm bundle of soft. A breath. A lifetime…dresses and earrings, music and makeup, movies, slumber parties, friends, late night conversations…and now…my little girl…has a little girl.

I replay all of it. The middle of the night text telling me that little bit is on her way. The brave smiles as my daughter breathes through monster contractions. The bags packed with little girl things…by my little girl…the mommy. The nurses praising her courage, her gentleness, her calm. Her face the moment she sees her daughter…for the first time. The way my heart seems to be beating in my face, and I forget to breathe, and the air carries flecks of gold, and I am certain that on the earth there is nothing more holy than this.

There is this boy. By her side. Breathing with her, holding her hand. Bringing her ice. We are all learning our places. How to live in this way. This new way. Together. I am glad he is here. She is glad he is here. He is glad. He is smitten by the warm bundle of soft. I watch him give his heart to her. They are learning their way. The three of them. It is good.

Family gathers….

And while a wicked storm rages out of doors, the radiance of her is the light that warms us.

McKenzie Elizabeth was born at 3:37pm on Friday, April 15th. She weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces and is 19 1/2 inches long. She is pretty much the most beautiful baby girl ever. With the possible exception of her mommy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Words are far too pedestrian to begin to treat of something as extraordinary as new life. But, inadequate though the effort may be, life is always a story worth telling. God be praised!