Exultant Explosion


The Incarnation is…..a very complex thing.

Its unique note is the simultaneous striking of many notes;
of humility, of gaiety, of gratitude, of mystical fear,
but also of vigilance and drama…
There is something defiant in it also;
something that makes the abrupt bells at midnight
sound like the great guns of a battle
that has just been won.

All this indescribable thing that we call the Christmas atmosphere
only hangs in the air as something like
a lingering fragrance or fading vapor
from the exultant explosion
of that one hour
in the Judean hills
nearly two thousand years ago.

But the savor is still unmistakable,
and it is something too subtle
or too solitary
to be covered by our use of the word

~G.K. Chesterton


*Artwork: Soliloquies-Joy by Makoto Fujimura