I Know That the Immovable Comes Down

I know that the Immovable comes down;
I know that the Invisible appears to me;
I know that he who is far outside the whole creation
Takes me within himself and hides me in his arms,
And then I find myself outside the whole world.
I, a frail, small mortal in the world,
Before the Creator of the world, all of him, within myself;
And I know that I shall not die, for I am within the Life,
I have the whole of Life springing up as a fountain within me.
He is in my heart, he is in heaven:
Both here and there he shows himself to me with equal glory.

~St. Symeon the New Theologian

A Sabbath meditation.
Read it.
Then read it again.
Out loud.
Allow each line to seep deep inside.
I dare you.