For Jonah….

Those big brown eyes!
Liquid pools of mahogany
Have stolen my heart.
I search your face…
What is it I see there?
Little boy longings…

I wish I could tell you how your mommy’s face glows when she talks about you. How a place for you formed in her heart when she was very young. I wish you could know how hard she is working to get to you and your brother. To bring you home. How fierce is her love for you.

I wish you could know the solidness of your dad. How he walks through life with peace and gives that peace to others. How he thinks deeply. I wish you could know the safety and easiness of being his son.

I so want you to know your big brother, Fionn. His unbridled lust for life. His mischievous grin. The way he ponders things sometimes like an old man. The seriousness and solemnity with which he serves at the altar.

I wish you could know how eager your sister, Felicity, is to meet you. I wish for you one of her delicious hugs. I wish you could know the wrinkled look on her forehead when she is perplexed, and the way a smile illumines her whole body.

Dear one, I wish you knew how many people there are who have given their hearts to you already, even though they have not met you. How they pray for you daily. I wish you could know how deep and rich and wonderful your life will be. How glorious is the family in which you will grow up. How gently and sweetly you will come to know God.

More than anything, dearest Jonah, I wish you were home…

Our friends, Joel and Meg, are very close now to bringing Moses and Jonah to their forever home. It has been an arduous and unwieldy journey. Could I ask you to pray for them, just now, as their hearts yearn so to be with their boys? As the last details must work themselves out?

Also, I wonder if you might like to be part of their wonderful story; if you would be willing to help them meet the cost of their adoption. Meg explains HERE the complications that have resulted in an increase in the required funding. Or go directly HERE to give. This is an opportunity to do something with your money that has eternal significance. Something that matters a great deal.

*Meg and Joel have done us the great honor of asking us to be godparents to Jonah. While I pray daily for both boys, it is Jonah’s little face that plays in my dreams…that dances constantly before my eyes. Our hearts are inextricably bound. Already. So I write to my little godson the words I would speak to him if I could.