Tiny Dancer…

Tiny dancer, you have danced your way into my heart. How could I know how many ways I needed to be made new? How healing it would be to feel your tiny fingers grasp my arm? How my eyes would see the world again through yours? How I would learn to breathe slowly…and really listen…and touch everything…and taste it…because of you?

You tiptoed into my life on a springtime afternoon. Rain fell outside the windows. But inside it was warm. And I waited. To see you. For the first time. And your mommy was brave. And in the most ordinary, ever-day miracle, the world became sweeter and more real because you were in it.

Life is in you. Everything grows. So fast! Random thrashings of arms and legs have become purposeful grasps…and crawling…and sitting up. I see you set your gaze on something across the room, and at once your body flies into motion. Unstoppable. Until your objective is attained. Swollen gums give way to your first tooth. Arms and legs strain at the limits of clothing hardly worn. And an elegance, a grace, is coming to your movements. You are learning to dance, little one.

So curious, you are! Hungry to know about everything. Carefully you run your hands over faces, fabrics, chair legs. Studying. Drinking deeply. A contemplative. From the womb. Was I once like you? Did I understand how to be still and look long? I am learning again. You are teaching me.

How is it, baby girl, that you find this place in everyone who sees you? Soft. Tender. Kind. Your joy pierces to the heart of them, revealing their best selves. Like magic. Yet, you seem unaware. As though nothing could be more natural.

Six months you have been on this earth, dear one. Thank you for the music. For the sweetness of your smile. For making each day with you a voyage of discovery, even if we never leave the house. The dance is only beginning. There is so much good ahead of you. And I will be somewhere in the wings…stitching costumes, bringing roses, and cheering you on.

For Kenzie, who is six months old today, with Love.

*Photograph at the top of the post taken by my daughter, Kelsey, Kenzie’s mommy. Photo at the bottom taken just yesterday…mommy and daughter…arm in arm. First of many…